7 Habits To Boost Your Sex Appeal

7 Habits To Boost Your Sex Appeal

Sex appeal is something people are inborn with but not all can wield successfully. Thinking you’re lack of, or do not have sex appeal, is a wrong conception. Everyone does have, but again, not all have the knowledge how to boost and activate it for their own advantage.

When your sex appeal is boosted, you can have so many advantages not only in your sex life but also in your career, business, money, and social life. It is like a lucky charm that you can wear for the rest of your life. There are so many people who are still attractive even in their old years because they already wore their sex appeal like a powerful magnet attracting luck and charm.

Again, you’re inborn with sex appeal and you just need to activate and boost it. To help you, here the seven hobbies to try to boost your sex appeal:

  1. Be clean and always smelled fresh.

This is really a self-explanatory tip. Even if you’re not really good looking but always look neat and smell clean, you will have the eyes and attention of many. Men are attracted to women who look smart, smell feminine, and comfortable with themselves, while women are attracted to men who are polish looking, smell masculine, and clean. Always start your day with proper hygiene, wear sleek clothes, and spray some mist or perfume. Don’t forget to bring minty gums just in case you need it.

  1. Always have a positive mindset.

People who have sense of humor, very cheerful, and have positive outlook can attract many people. Think of it, comedians who are not really good looking are overflowing with sex appeal because they are witty. Wearing smile not only lessen your wrinkles but is also sexy and can send positivity to people you encounter. The result, the people you want to attract with be easily attracted to you because you’re one ball of sexiness and sunshine.

  1. Be a leader.

What do Captain America, Superman, Batman and Jon Snow have in common? Aside from their freakin hot body, they are good and reliable leaders. A leader can always attract attention and is always perceived as sexy because they are strong, mannered, knowledgeable, always to the rescue, and willed.

  1. Be knowledgeable of the weaknesses of your opposite sex.

Knowing how and when you will attack the weakness point of your opposite sex can boost your sex appeal. For example, men like it when women flip their hair or moisten their lips when having a conversation. On the other hand, women like it when men are sincerely listening to them while having a cup of coffee. Small gestures that could melt your opposite sex matter.

  1. Take care of yourself

Admit it, opposite sex are attractive when they are healthy, fit, and strong. A man can be easily drawn to a woman who is fit and healthy, same goes to a woman. Don’t pretend, every person dreams of a hot and sexy one to be right next to their bed. A well toned-physique is really nice to look at. So, tone your body and be healthy to increase your sex appeal.

  1. Be unusual and unique

Be the gem among the stones. If you’re a typical person who just come and go everyday without even trying to look closely in the mirror, then you are just wasting the God’s gift of sexual appeal. Think of yourself as a gem that is precious and shining. You are handsome, you are beautiful, and you are one of a kind. Be confident in the way you speak, think, and act.

  1. Be touchy.

Wonder why most of the politicians are oozing with sex appeal? Because they are comfortable with social interactions. When you touch a person, you are awakening their senses. You are creating a door that goes right through their mind and heart. You are putting them at ease and you are creating a bond and connection with them. This is how you attract people you want. Touch them but not in a douche bag way.

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